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Terms of the subscription agreement

To access ACCIDENT REPORTS, the client must confirm that he has read, understood and accepted the provisions of this contract.

Access to the ACCIDENT REPORTS service is reserved exclusively for insurance companies, damage insurance professionals and damage insurance adjusters. Every new member must submit an attestation proving his or her status as an insurance expert before subscribing.

As proof of attestation, the principal member must supply an automobile insurer’s licence number or a certificate number issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers, formerly the Bureau des services financiers (BSF).

The principal member alone can access the «Certification Form» from his/her browser menu. The certification form can be completed online or sent by mail to the following address:

Ville de Montréal – Accident reports
801, Brennan
9th floor
Montréal, Québec
H3C 0G4

The attestation form must be completed and validated before the subscription can be processed. Confirmation is sent by e-mail.

The $150 cost of the annual subscription must be paid on applying for a subscription. These costs are non-refundable.

The $23.50 cost of each transaction (taxes included) is payable from the client account at the time the search is made. The client account statement is displayed online, and the costs are charged in real time. In addition, the subscriber can consult his statement of transactions at any time.

For payment on line, the credit cards accepted are VISA and MASTERCARD.

Prior to making the first search, the client account must contain at least $100. The deposit in the client account is non-refundable.

The city reserves the right to change the costs for using ACCIDENT REPORTS. Any change to the annual subscription fees will take effect as of the following January 1. Other changes will take effect thirty (30) days following display of a notice.

The city guarantees that the data in ACCIDENT REPORTS correspond, to the best of its knowledge, to the status of the client account at the time of the request, subject to any possible changes that might have a retroactive effect on the balance of the account.

Access code
The holder of an access code and a password authorizing access to the ACCIDENT REPORTS site is responsible for all activities attributed to that code.

Obligation to accept cookies
Clients have read the information contained in the hypertext links Security and Confidentiality and Minimal Use Conditions.

With knowledge of these two (2) documents, the member of ACCIDENT REPORTS knows and understands the following:

a. that he must accept the presence of cookies, i.e. that he must not configure his computer in a way that refuses cookies; and

b. that he must ensure that his navigator uses a cryptographic protocol at 128 bits, failing which access to the ACCIDENT REPORTS system will be refused.


The member alone is responsible for the result of his searches. The city does not guarantee the perfect accuracy of the information gathered and assumes no responsibility for errors it may contain or errors in interpretation which may arise from it.

The texts and information available on the ACCIDENT REPORTS site may contain technical inaccuracies or printing errors.

Furthermore, in the case of a difference between an official text and the content of the ACCIDENT REPORTS site, the official text shall prevail.

Personal data
The member is entitled to access, change, rectify and erase his personal data. This right is conferred through the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

Termination of service
When a member no longer wishes to use ACCIDENT REPORTS for any reason whatsoever, he is not entitled to any reimbursement – neither of his subscription nor of the balance in his client account.

This contract cannot be assigned or transferred to a third party by the member without prior written authorization from the city.

Notice of non-liability
The city is not liable for damages resulting from use of the ACCIDENT REPORTS site, or the presence or absence of information, or the delivery, collation, or interpretation of any information obtained from the site. The city does not guarantee that the information conveyed in ACCIDENT REPORTS will be without error or that it will be delivered within a reasonable time. Furthermore, corrected versions of ACCIDENT REPORTS may be added at any time.

The city cannot be held liable for any fraudulent or illegal use of a credit card.

Temporary interruption
At any time, the city may temporarily interrupt access to the ACCIDENT REPORTS site in order to update, change or correct its content, or to improve or change the equipment used.

The member is not entitled to any reimbursement for an interruption in service.

The city reserves the right to change the list of contents, or the conditions and procedures for access to the ACCIDENT REPORTS site by giving members notice as to the nature of these changes and the date they will take effect.

The member alone is liable for damages to the city and third parties resulting from use of the information contained in the ACCIDENT REPORTS site. The member must take up the defence of the city in any claim resulting directly or indirectly from use of the ACCIDENT REPORTS site, and hold it harmless of any claim of whatever nature and of any final judgment rendered against it, and pay any settlement reached in capital, costs and other accessories related to it. The city pledges to advise the client of any such claim within thirty (30) days of its reception.

Applicable laws
This contract is governed by the laws of Québec, and any proceedings must be taken in the judicial district of Montréal.

Withdrawal of right to access
The city reserves the right to withdraw authorization for access granted to a member without notice or warning when it appears that the member is not respecting the conditions provided for in this contract. In that case, his right of access will first be suspended, a notice will be given to him and he must supply the explanations required to the person in charge of the ACCIDENT REPORTS site within the time allowed. On failure to do so, his rights of access will be revoked without reimbursement of the balance in his client account or of his subscription fees.

Intellectual property
The city is the exclusive owner of the data and the site ACCIDENT REPORTS. The member recognizes that the city confers only a limited right of use of the information, as provided for herein.

The display, downloading or reproduction of the information contained in the ACCIDENT REPORTS site are authorized provided that these operations are limited and carried out for personal purposes, that the information is not changed and that notices of intellectual property are kept and displayed.


All rights reserved, Ville de Montréal