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1.      Who may pay online?
2.      Types of tickets
3.      Fees
4.      System operating hours
5.      Legal consequences of payment
6.      Methods of payment
7.      Deadline
8.      Contesting a ticket
9.      Searching for a ticket
10.      Total fine appearing on ticket
11.      Online payment


Who may pay online?
  • The person whose name appears on the ticket.
  • The owner or the long-term leaser of the vehicle identified on the ticket.
The party charged with an offence is responsible for transmitting a plea. Only that person whose name appears on the ticket, or in the case of a parking offence, the owner or the long-term leaser of the vehicle named on the ticket, may pay online.

Pay Online! is not a service designed for corporate members of the community that own commercial fleets of vehicles. The system does not provide access to the full list of tickets associated with a given business. Each ticket on this system must be processed individually.
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Types of tickets
  Pay Online!  is reserved for certain tickets falling under the authority of Montréal's Municipal Court.

You can use this service to pay your ticket if any of the following circumstances apply:
  1.  Ville de Montréal is prosecuting the alleged offence.
2.  The ticket pertains to an alleged parking or traffic offence.
3.  The alleged offence occurred within Montréal city limits.
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  You are charged a non-reimbursable administrative fee of CAD $2.50 (including taxes) for each statement you pay online.
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System operating hours
  Pay Online! is available at all times except when the system is being updated (normally from 5:00 AM to 5:15 AM and a period of about one hour on Sunday evenings).
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Legal consequences of payment
  a. Legal consequences of payment in full not accompanied by a plea
    If you opt to pay the full amount of the fine appearing on the ticket, you will be deemed to have entered a guilty plea and a judgement is deemed to have been rendered upon receipt of this payment.

Changing your plea
    Should you subsequently decide to change your plea, you must file an appeal with the Superior Court.

Updating your driving record−demerit points
    Whatever demerit points may apply to your alleged offence under the Highway Safety Code will be automatically entered into in your driving record, since the Court will notify the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec of its judgement.
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Methods of payment
  Pay Online! accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

If you wish to use another form of payment, and depending on the status of your case, you must appear at a Municipal Court service counter, at a borough office or at a financial institution to make payment.

Prior to judgement, you may also mail a cheque to:
  Service des finances
Ville de Montréal
Sector "C"
P.O. Box 11045
Centre-Ville Station
Montréal QC
Canada H3C 4Y1
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  Unless the remark Not Payable appears in the Deadline column, you can pay your ticket even if the deadline has passed.
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Contesting a ticket
  You cannot contest your ticket through Pay Online!

If you wish to contest an alleged infraction, you must complete the reply form attached to the ticket that you were issued and mail it to Montréal's Municipal Court within 30 days of the ticket's issuance.

Who may enter a not guilty plea?
    The party charged with an offence is responsible for transmitting a plea. Except for a prosecutor, only that person whose name appears on the statement of offence, or in the case of a parking offence, the owner or the long-term leaser of the vehicle named on the statement of offence, can perform this task.

Contesting a ticket
    Detach the ticket's reply form and provide all of the information requested in the Not Guilty Plea section.

Please make sure to do the following:
  • Check Not Guilty and sign.
  • If the defendant is a corporate entity, the form must be signed by one of the firm's administrators or directors, with that person's title indicated.
  • Clearly write your first and last names in block letters.
  • Complete the address fields, particularly if you happen to have moved after receiving the ticket.
  • Complete the information pertaining to your vehicle (depending on the particular type of ticket that you received).
  • Provide, if necessary, an explanation with respect to the alleged offence. Your explanation will be considered and you will be advised once a decision has been made as to whether the ticket is to remain in effect or is to be cancelled.

    The Municipal Court must receive your plea within 30 days of the date of service of your statement.

Transmitting your plea:
    You can transmit your plea through either of the following methods. However, if the court fails to receive your plea, you must prove that you performed this task within the set deadline:

In person:
At any borough office
At any Municipal Court counter
By mail:
    Montréal Municipal Court
Customer Service
PO Box 11046
Centre-Ville Station
Montréal QC
Canada H3C 4Y2

Changing your plea
    You can change your plea at any time prior to your hearing. Please note, however, that under the regulations, additional fees will be charged.
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Searching for a ticket
  The ticket number is the search key for locating your ticket in the system.

This number appears on a ticket issued by a police officer or by a  parking ticket attendant. The ticket contains two groups of numbers, one consisting of two digits and the other of nine digits. The first identifies the geographic sector in which the ticket is issued and the second is a sequential number.

  See sample tickets

Ticket located
    Pay Online! reports if the ticket number that you have entered is valid and accessible through the system and then posts information pertaining to your ticket.

From this point on in the Pay Online! process, only the ticket's nine-digit sequential number will appear on screen. If these figures correspond with those on your ticket, you are viewing the correct file.

Ticket not yet entered into system
    You may also pay a ticket with a valid number that is not yet accessible through Pay Online!  Tickets may take a few days following their issuance to appear on the system. You may wait to pay until the ticket is available on the system and return later.

You may also choose to pay the fine immediately. Enter the fine that appears on the ticket and proceed with payment.

In that case, please make sure to return to Pay Online! a few days later to check that your full payment was properly recorded.

Ticket not payable online
    Pay Online! recognizes which tickets can and cannot be paid online. The system will prevent you from paying the following kinds of tickets:
  • Warning notices: a prompt will advise you that no fine is due.
  • A previously paid ticket: a prompt will ask you to check if you have entered the correct ticket number.
  • A closed file: a prompt will ask you to check if you have entered the correct ticket number.
  • A ticket that cannot be paid online: a link will provide the phone number and address of the Municipal Court so that you can determine the procedure for settling your account.
  • An invalid ticket number: the number is wrong and must be checked. If the ticket has been lost, please contact the Municipal Court to obtain the correct number.

If the remark Not Payable appears, collection procedures have been instituted. You should promptly appear at a Municipal Court service counter to settle your account and to avoid additional fees or inconvenience.

Other tickets located
    Pay Online! lets you pay other tickets that have been issued to the same name and which have been located based on your driver's license number. This system does not, however, allow you to directly access the full list of tickets associated with a given company.

This list only includes those tickets that have been located by this system and does not necessarily constitute your entire file. For further information or to obtain a full listing of your tickets, please contact the Municipal Court.

Pay Online! provides the following information for every ticket located: the ticket number, the amount of the fine, the due date, the location, the date, the time and the offence code, the vehicle's model and its licence plate number.

If you wish to pay your other tickets along with the ticket you initially searched, you must select them.

Your billing summary indicates total fines paid, plus the administrative charges for using of Pay Online!
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Total fine appearing on the ticket
  To close your case, the Court must receive the total amount appearing on your ticket, prior to judgement. This amount consists of:
  • The minimum fine provided under the Highway Safety Code or applicable regulation.
  • Mandatory legal fees.
  The following fees may also be assessed in certain cases:
  • Towing fees (if it was necessary to move your vehicle).
  • A mandatory contribution to the Fonds d'indemnisation des victimes d'actes criminels for compensation of crime victims (only in the case of infractions under the Highway Safety Code ).
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Online payment
  When redirected to the financial institution site, please be sure to enter your complete credit card number, leaving no spaces between the figures. The month and year of the card's expiration date must be correctly entered, otherwise the transaction will be declined.

Once your credit card data has been processed by the financial institution, the system will redirect you to Pay Online! A message will indicate if the transaction has or has not been accepted.

Transaction declined
    A message will indicate if your transaction has been declined and no payment will be charged to your credit card.

Transaction accepted
    The system will generate a statement if the transaction is accepted. This statement will be the only document produced by Ville de Montréal as confirmation that you have paid your ticket(s). Please make sure to print and to retain this page.

You case will only be closed upon payment in full.
No refunds will be made by Pay Online!
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